• Introducing Anticip8

    Hear the people behind Anticip8 presenting the current state of challenges and the opportunity we are chasing

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    Presentation about Anticip8 at the GSP closing ceremony in August 2015.

    Weather impacts us all

    Everywhere, all the time. Weather is there. It's an invisible force. We help weather sensitive businesses make better informed decisions. 

  • An Advanced Forecasting Company

    We build products that create confidence in chaos. We use smart computers, sensors and machine learning to solve complex tasks, chaotic systems and beyond. We care about climate change.

    Data Aquisition

    The new approach of collecting data

    We use low power and cost efficient innovative technology to match high capital investment options. We process data on the fly at low power.

    Simulation Processing

    Expert on the team, advanced modelling

    We teamed up with one of the world's leading meteorologists managing the most precise modelling, together with innovative hardware and software to give unprecedented precision and control. We can provide competitive pricing and 100x resolution to comparable models.

    Advanced Analytics

    Make better decisions

    User interfaces that enable people to interact smoothly with data, ask better questions, and make better decisions.

  • Anticip8 the wind

    Our models help you make better use of your wind farm.

    Anticip8 crops

    Our forecasts help you decide when to harvest.

    Anticip8 change

    Our analytics provide the information needed for living with nature in a changing climate.

    Anticip8 help

    We aim to help foresee disasters and distribute aid in the right places.

  • Who we are

    Julia Bossmann

    Germany / USA

    entrepreneur, neuroscientist, data scientist, AI expert

    Michael Vergalla


    rocket scientist, simulation expert and weather fanatic

  • Previous team members

    Thanks for the help along the way!

    Charu Jaiswal


    Precision agriculture biologist

    Barnaby Ferrero

    UK / USA

    entrepreneur and quantitative finance economics

    Erik Biorklund


    entrepreneur and industrial engineer

  • Contact

    We'll get in touch with you soon. Our home currently is
    Anticip8 Analytics, c/o Singularity University

    NASA Research Park, Building20 S. Akron Rd. MS 20-1, Moffett Field, CA 94035

  • Our Press Kit

    fresh from the oven

  • Anticip8 Photo Studies

    A collection of observations of climate change - NASA's images of change

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